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i'm Clever Artist Name, was raised on Long Island, NY, is an Inventor, Home Studio Recording Hobbyist, Multi-instrumentalist, Record Label Owner, TrashGamer, and occasional adrenaline rush enthusiast.

A brief history of not being sure what actually happened..

|| 1986, January 9: A cesarean section birth “two weeks early” on a US Air Force base “sometime during the day.”
|| 1987-1988:
 Only remember a few images from a very young age (within the first two years alive stumbling around as an infant) of sitting behind a drum set looking out of a garage-like structure. The drums and cymbals were almost completely black due to the Sun’s light intensity shining from the other side of them, and was able to barely reach the rack toms with the sticks in my hands. After the first or second year breathing oxygen, the family moved to Long Island, New York.
|| 1994: Finally sat behind another drum set around age 8. Using a friend’s drum set, and we started my first band called Steel Bullets (which still seems fairly Metal at that age).  After getting started again in Steel Bullets, performed live with bands and solo from age 9 up until whatever my current age is.
|| 1994-2006: Played/worked with a lot of fantastic bands/musicians/artists that ranged from Fast, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Metal/Hardcore, Punk/Hardcore, RAP/Hip-Hop, Reggae, Blues, Rock, a cover band, EDM, DJs, and more.
|| 2010: Full length album titled Quantumphysimorphosis - Evolution Of Mind
|| 2011: Full length album titled Earthgasm
|| 2012: Full Length album titled Earthgasm - The Second Cumming
|| 2014: Full Length album titled Earthgasm - Menage a Trois
|| 2015: Catch The Sky,  The Assembly Blind, Battle of Marathon, Digital Feels, GET REKT

   Some bands/artists iCAN has played with/alongside, has produced, co-produced, or engineered since have been:

   iCAN continues to pursue his self-exploration, currently living in a borough of New York City, NY.



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